TrackIT has everything you need for Internal Package Tracking

Generate Revenue
  • If you charge for packages, TrackIT will automatically calculate those charges based on your business rules and attach them to the package.
  • TrackIT allows you to have Multiple charges per package - for example charge a handling fee plus a delivery charge.
  • TrackIT allows you to track which packages have been paid for, and those that have not.
Increase Productivity
  • Save time with our powerful and dynamic Search Screen. For example, select multiple packages and quickly change them all together using the popup edit.
  • You can generate Bar coded lists for location, status, package type, groups, etc. for quick input.
  • Download Incoming Package Information from FedEx and UPS before the packages arrive
Rich Search and Reporting
  • The Search Capability of TrackIT is unsurpassed, including user defined customization. It allows you search on virtually any information that is attached to the package. You can also search archived records from previous months or years.
  • TrackIT comes with default reports, however Customized Reports take only seconds to define.  Export report results to a spread sheet or pdf file and save it to your local machine.
Improve Accountibility
  • TrackIT supports electronic Signatures, but provides the flexibility to attach multiple signatures to a package.  For example, you can get a signature when the package is received and delivered.  You can also easily attach one signature to multiple packages.  Signatures captured can be viewed on-line and printed on receipts if desired.
  • Audit information is recorded for every Transaction including the user, date, and time the update was made. You always have a printable Detail Audit History for every package.
  • TrackIT can generate an Email or Text Message notification for packages of recipients that have been defined. It can also notifiy members of a Group if it is assigned to a package.
Customize the System
  • The flexibility of TrackIT is absolutely un-surpassed.  Define your own formulas for package charges.  Customize locations, package types, status, vendors, reports, report layout and accounts.  You can define customized fields that can be attached to a package such as a Hold For name field.
  • Group Support is a breeze in the System.  TrackIT has the ability define a Group Resume and then assign the Group to a Package or Set of Packages.  Charges for packages for the Group can be easily managed and tracked.  Charges for Groups can be assigned to a Master Account or just about any other payment form.
  • Define Courier Bar Code Patterns for automated Vendor assignment.
Scale and Evolve
  • TrackIT has a total Enterprise solution, supporting either a Local Web Based Server or Cloud implementation. The system is totally scalable and can easily handle a large multi-property enterprise.
  • You can define TrackIT to be used for much more than just packages.  It takes seconds to customize the key names that drive all of the labels in the screens and reports.  Suggested uses include tracking Financial Documents, Keys, Ski Valet, Lost and Found, Luggage, Golf Clubs, and AVI Equipment. 
  • The Design of the TrackIT System was based on Hotel and Conference Center Requirements thus the business flow of the System fits into this environment perfectly. However, TrackIT can be easily used in any Industry.